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Mission Statement

Rustic Arts Cabin Outfitters was started to showcase the woodworking skills of Adam Hurlbut. This business is devoted to the design and construction of fine wood furniture and wood artwork. We believe in functional art and we are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest level of craftsmanship. All of our pieces are made with the intention of creating heirlooms for our clients. Whether you desire an organic and rustic piece, or you like something with a modern feel, we can create whatever look you can imagine. Adam has been creating his pieces in the picturesque mountains of San Bernardino in the town of Running Springs. Surrounded by the very materials he uses to create his works, Adam has been building his furniture for the last fifteen years.

"Thank you for your interest and I look forward to collaborating with you!" - Adam Hurlbut


Our business also celebrates local artisans on the mountain. We carry carvings, ceramics, macrame, candles, incense, honey and soap- all from local makers. When you shop at Rustic Arts, you are supporting a mountain community. We believe that when you furnish and design your home, well-made items from those in your community make it even more special. 


Current Chainsaw Carvers: Alex Safonov, David Olmstead, Eric Berson, Ron Rightmire, Heather Payne, Jeff Mohr, Dave Parsons, Dave Marshalek, Takao Hayashi, John Elsebusch, and Leo Gibbar.

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